$ 40.00/private lesson ($75. w/cattle)
      $ 75.00/ ½ day lesson
      $120.00/month – group (once a week)

      $240.00/month – group (twice a week)


      $900.00/month - Includes board, lessons, standard show prep & horse worked 5 to 6 days a week.

Maintenance Training

       $725.00/month – Includes board, lessons, standard show prep & horse worked 2 to 3 days a week.


       $ 30.00/ride

Board/Stall in Main Barn 


Board/Pen in Small Barn



        $ 350.00/month


Hauling                            $    .70/mile/round trip per horse ($100.00 minimum)

Day Fee/shows                 $ 50.00/day plus expenses*
Horse Rental/shows          $ 50.00/day plus hauling, day fees & expenses*
Show Prep                        $100.00 includes  bath,  clipping &  mane  pulled  (no charge for horses in training)
Clipping                            $  40.00 includes face, ears, bridle path & legs
Clipping/Body                    $ 200.00
Clipping/Trace                   $ 175.00
Mane Pulling                      $   30.00
Braiding                            $  65.00 (if done by JPH, may be more when contracted out, plus $10 to take down)


For 2017

*Expenses for shows will be split according to the number of horses attending the show with Kim and/or Andy Johnson and/or an assistant/grooms. Examples of expenses occurring at a show may include staff pay(grooms), tack stalls, grounds fees, lodging & meals for trainer(s)/employees.

The owner will pay entry fees for classes or events where Andy, Kim or an assistant  shows their horse. Prize money will be split 30/70. 30% to exhibitor, 70% to owner.

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